Summer 14 Festivals Review – Caribana Festival, Nyon – Day 3 – June 6th


Day 3 – Friday June 6


The third day at Caribana was dedicated to pop and hip hop, an interesting and great experience different than the previous days!


21:30-22:45, Grande Scène

Jessie J

Jessie J’s band, formed by two female vocalists, a pianist, a drummer, a bassist as well as a guitarist enter the stage and start playing. Then Jessie J, black haired, comes out on stage wearing a cat suit and literally sticking out her bum, which she claims she does to get over her insecurity. I guess everybody finds its own ways to get over insecurity… With her strong and lovely British accent she says “This is my party and you’re all invited”.

Jessie J has a beautiful voice, which is even more so live and when she sings she manages to entertain and move the public. She has no problem in holding her voice for several minutes and then taking it up and down. She seems very sincere and down to earth despite her misleading appearance. She says that as long as people are there to listen to her she is going to continue to play music.

To introduce the touching song “You Don’t Really Know Me” she says “I’m not perfect, you should never strive for perfection”.

At one point she sits on the stairs of the stage, circled by some of her band members and sings a beautiful cover of Oasis’s “Wonderwall” which gets a massive sing along by the public, after all everybody knows the song.

Jessie J and her band take the audience through a journey into bitter-sweet pop song as well as hip hop tunes with a touch of electro. The public feels as being at a disco when she sings “Do It Like A Dude”.

She ends her concert by introducing the last song, “Price-Tag” saying: “If you haven’t recognized a song so far you should know this one”. Indeed, the cheers of the public and their singing along is a proof of it.

22:30-23:30, Scène du Lac

Naughty Boy


The DJ and producer Naughty Boy, on the mixing table, accompanied by the singer Shezar goes through his many collaborations with stars like Emeli Sandé. It’s pretty much like being at an outdoor disco! He plays a cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”, moving the public but getting it dancing on the funky notes of this version. They perform the beautiful song “Lifted” by Emeli Sandé. Naughty Boy bids goodbye with his most famous song “La La La” which gets the audience dancing and singing along.


Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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