Summer 14 Festivals Review – Paléo Festival Nyon – Day 4 – July 25th


Day 4- Friday July 25


Skip The Use, Grande Scène, 7pm-8pm

This French punk rock band made the Grande Scène shake with their heavy guitar riffs sometimes reminding you of the indie rock tones of Bloc Party. The charismatic singer made the Paléo crowd shake and jump like crazy. They help the audience fight the rain which surprised all just few minutes after the show started. It comes unexpected, one moment it is sunny the next moment the rain is pouring down but the bravest people keep on dancing and jumping to Skip The Use rock tunes, singing loud in order to be heard. The singer praises the Paléo crowd many times saying that it is them which make this festival great. For a song they ask the audience to sit down and then when they start ferociously playing again everybody jumps, it’s magic to see all the colourful umbrellas and rain jackets jumping up and down. An old woman in front of me is jumping happily and seems to have more energy left than people who are half her age. Their tunes are very hard at times pushing people to do a moshpit, as the singer notices it he says “Now we are going to do the real moshpit” so he divides the audience into two and tells the crowd to go left and right. Some people take the chance of the corridor opening in between the crowd to go in front. They also play a song in French, praising for happiness, the lyrics are thoughtful and true, the tune is catchy! They end the concert with a political message referred to French politics. With their music we can fight for a better world, memorable concert and great band!


Shaka Ponk, Grande Scène, 9:15pm-10:45pm

The tunes of this electro rock French band are pretty heavy at times. They use lots of scenography in their show, the screen on stage is constantly showing animations and such, among which the recurrent virtual monkey Guz. As the other member of the band leave the stage a virtual drums battle between an holographic gorilla and the drummer of the band starts! The charismatics female singer and male singer, with a raging and deep voice both hold a microphone looking like a horn or a pipe. Their tunes get the audience jumping and doing the mosh pit in line with Skip The Use show earlier.


The Prodigy, Grande Scène, 12pm-1:30am

I saw The Prodigy last Friday at Gurten Festival in Berne (18th of July), I didn’t like them at all but I thought I was not in the mood to listen to that kind of music and decided to give them a second chance at Paléo. The second time wasn’t any better, I left after 15min utterly disappointed. The crowd was pretty lame and the band kept saying the same things like at Gurten Festival: “Where are my Swiss people, where are my fucking warriors?”, I didn’t find it funny but rather annoying. Looking around the audience didn’t look involved there where only few hardcore fans in the front who shared the same mind set of the band. Talking with some people who had already seen them years ago they told me that they got worse indeed, so it wasn’t just me.



Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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