PREVIEW: Ben Howard, X-Tra, Zürich, 23.11.2014

British singer and songwriter Ben Howard came out with his first album Every Kingdom in 2011. This work contains much beauty to be discovered, from the soft notes and playful lyrics in “Old Pine” to the beautiful love song “Only Love”. On October 20th he is releasing his long awaited second album I Forget Where We Were, for which he has already unveiled some of the songs like the superb “End Of The Affair”.

You may recognize a surf vibe in his music, which does not come unexpected since he is also quite an expert with the surfboard. This passion is reflected in his music, which, like surfing is very quiet at times as to recall the wait for the perfect wave and at other times very lively when the perfect wave is finally there. So just let yourself go, accompanied by Ben Howard’s powerful music.

His songs establish a deep connection with nature, they make you enter a world in which the latter takes over with its majestic sounds. Those guitar strings and the whispered words sometimes remind you of the wind blowing and the rain falling. The lyrics are touching and their meaning is deep, asking for a thoughtful reaction.


I was impressed when I saw him at Montreux Jazz Festival last year and I am looking forward to see him again at X-Tra Club in Zürich on November 23. Tickets are selling out fast, so you should definitely get yours soon, this is an opportunity not to be missed! And remember to prepare yourself for a surf ride through his music, because live it’s even more stunning and full of surprises, just like the waves unfolding one after the other and revealing their different strength.

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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