CONCERT REVIEW // The Subways // Camden Dingwalls, London, 24.09.14 – It’s a party, don’t you know it don’t get much better

The Subways new

The last time that we crossed path with The Subways it was noon, on a Sunday, in the middle of a supposedly greenfield in Glastonbury, end of June 2014. We found them today in a hot-like-hell Dingwalls in Camden, London, and you know what? Same as 3 months ago, we had a good time. This is why:

  1. They know how to turn gig into a partyBilly Lunn (Vocals and guitars) is some kind of stage animal that knows most of the tricks on “how to get the crowd on my side” bible. Tonight, apart an impressive coast-to-coast stage diving to the console and back he offered a trick that I’d personally never seen before: getting everybody in the front rows sitting down before getting them to explode jumping in a huge pogo. 
  2. They care for their fans, they spent almost every speech in between songs thanking everybody in Dingwalls for coming over supporting them. They are around since 10 years but they look as excited and genuine as back 10 years ago at the time of “Young for eternity”
  3. They rock. Full stop. There are not many bands around today that they can compete with them in terms of melodic punk indie rock (and throw in whatever else you can get), raucous refrains and catchy distorted guitar riffs.
  4. They have a hell of a setlist that can easily fill a 1 hour and a half gig slot with 4-5 anthems that generate huge and emotional sing-alongs: Oh Yeah, Mary, Rock&Roll Queen (THE ANTHEM), With You, It’s a Party
  5. Dingwalls might be the perfect venue for them, while being one of the best small venues of London, it is indeed… small and despite they are around since 10 years, and having seen them live at festivals, and in bigger venues, tonight was definitely their best gig out of the 4 we saw. A proper punk rock ambiance in a sweaty, hot venue where people’s pogo interfere with the mic.
They have a new album coming out soon, we look forward to it hoping that it delivers the high expectations we have being huge fans of their 3 previous works.
They worked their ass off to get where they are and they deserved probably more than what they have achieved, still, its good and reassuring to still see them around touring. In the end they are one of those bands that with their sound and songs (for some of us) marked the first decade of this century.
Long live The Subways
It’s a party, don’t you know it don’t get much better
We gonna make it such an awesome party
And you should know it don’t get much..
So here we go
Hey Hey, My My, Rock’n’Roll Queens never die

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