PREVIEW: Maybeshewill, Ebullition, Bulle, 11.11.2014



A British friend of mine once told me that if there was a British band I absolutely needed to know, it was Maybeshewill. He was right. Since he first made me listen to them in a cold December night three years ago I fell in love with them.
Maybeshewill are truly different than anything else I was used to listen to. They are a post-rock band, hence their songs are instrumental, without lyrics and vocals, except for a few which contain vocals. Their songs have great and powerful riffs and melodies which make you drift with your mind. It’s a journey through a world constructed only by sounds, with no words to direct you anywhere. The use of the piano gives the songs a delicate touch. Just take the path following your own thoughts and let these magnificent sounds guide you. I’ll share with you one of my favourites, “Red Paper Lanterns” taken from their third album:



After three fantastic albums; Not For Want Of Trying (2008), Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Armony (2009), I Was Here For A Moment Then I Was Gone (2011) they are back with their new album Fair Youth (2014) which just came out in August 2014.

I saw them live for a short set in May 2013 at Live at Leeds (UK), despite the shortness of the gig it was so powerful that it blew my mind. I am really looking forward to have that same feeling at Ebullition in Bulle on November 11! And … stay tuned because there will be a special interview with the band! I hope to see you all there 🙂

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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