PREVIEW: Klaxons, Les Docks, Lausanne, 26.11.2014



Klaxons are a British indie rock-electronic band, their sound is very powerful and addictive. This is your last chance to see them live because this great band is apparently saying goodbye to its career! We hope they will second guess their decision and decide not to split up but, in case they won’t, here’s one more reason to be present at their concert!

Their style is labeled as “new rave” but you really need to see them live to understand the power of its wave and rhythm. During this tour they present their third and last album Love Frequency, which contains an eclectic range of electronic sounds and will make you dance and sing along for sure!

Here’s a teaser taken from their last album, be prepared as it will grow immediately into you:



Do you feel like dancing at a concert and be carried away by the intertwining of synth sounds and guitar riffs? Then next Wednesday, 26 November 2014, Les Docks is the place to be!


Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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