CONCERT REVIEW // Stereophonics // Royal Albert Hall, London, 23.03.2015 – You can have it all if you like


After almost 15 years running after them yesterday I finally managed to close an unmissable band from my very personal To-Do Gigs list: Stereophonics.

It was particularly meaningful that Stereophonics opened this year’s TCT Gigs series as they were part of the first ever event, 15 years ago. As they start promoting their forthcoming new album they played a 2h set yesterday night at the Royal Albert Hall in London supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The 4 piece from Wales delivered a great show, mirroring their career filled with wall-of-sound, powerful rock anthems, more romantic melodic ballads and historical guest appearances.

And these were our 5 best memories for the night:

  1. Tom Jones special guest singing Mama Told Me (Not to Come)
  2. “Bartender and the Thief” on the finale at double pace vs. the record version
  3. Ronnie Wood (from the Rolling Stones) playing guitar on “Handbag and the Gladrags”
  4. The collective massive chorus on “You Can Have It All” and “Dakota
  5. The strings on “Graffiti on the train

+ 2 (Very) random question:

  • how many guitars did Kelly Jones and Adam Zindani change during the gig?
  • Is Adam Zindani the coolest guitarist ever seen in a rock’n’roll band? He looked like a real estate agent coming straight from a sell dropping solos looking around himself with the coolest grin

As usual, final comment is for the Teenage Cancer Trust, an amazing charity with a very simple purpose. Their videos at the beginning of the gigs are an emotional and moving experience which puts the audience in a very special mood to fully enjoy the luck of being present singing the songs of these great artists that take special care in putting up shows filled with throw-back memories and write history with unique special guest appearances and collaborations.

Teenage Cancer Trust gigs are one of those rare moments where everybody, artists, organizers, charity and audience come together to celebrate life (through rock’n’roll).

Can you beat that?

Hey Hey, My My…



  • Catacomb
  • Local Boy in the Photograph
  • Superman
  • Graffiti on the Train
  • C’est La Vie (We Don’t Belong Anywhere)
  • A Thousand Trees
  • Pick a Part That’s New
  • I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio
  • Maybe Tomorrow
  • Vegas Two Times
  • Mama Told Me Not to Come (with Tom Jones)
  • Don’t Knock (Tom Jones cover) (with Tom Jones)
  • Mr Writer
  • Song For The Summer (new song)
  • Have a Nice Day
  • Indian Summer
  • I Wanna Get Lost With You (new song)
  • Violins and Tambourines
  • Been Caught Cheating
  • Just Looking
  • The Bartender and the Thief
  • Handbags and Gladrags (Chris Farlowe cover) (with Ronnie Wood)
  • Ooh La La (Faces cover) (with Ronnie Wood)
  • Dakota

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