CONCERT REVIEW // The Who // Royal Albert Hall, London, 26.03.2015 – The Kids are (still) alright

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There’s no better place in the world to see The Who than the Royal Albert Hall in London given that the band has hit this stage multiple time since the first time in 1969 and recorded some of their most famous performances

The Who hit their home-iconic venue during their hits 50s tour and delivered a goose-bump 2 hours set on Thursday night as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust support gigs for which singer Roger Daltrey is testimonial and artist director.

The audience average age is largely above the sixties, I guess that most of them have seen The Who several times across the past 50 years and are not virgins like I am. Some might have seen them in the 60’s with their original line-up when they used to smash their gear at the end of every gig, and some might have even seen Keith Moon at the drums (like my father did in Milan in 1967). Some other might have fallen in love with the band during the opera-period of Tommy and or the mods-y Quadrophenia and a minority (like me) is here because of their parents. Sons of a generation that lived the best musical era of history, the swinging London, the rock’n’roll, the mods and generously passed this passion down to us.

Here are 5 thoughts that will stay with us after Thursday’s gig:

  1. The Kids are alright: an anthem to youth and mods still pumping rebellion after almost 50 years
  2. Move like…  Roger and Pete: its funny to think that 50 years in their career nobody has really mastered as they do their iconic moves: Roger’s flying mic (at his best on the opening Can’t Explain) and Pete’s helicopter stroke on the guitar. 
  3. Double tambourine: so fookin 60’s. An expression of joy, rythm and life celebration with a flower power hint
  4. Tommy’s medley: while i’m a huge fan of the Who and i’ve seen Tommy both in the movie and live several time i still find the full opera disturbingly heavy. But this 3 songs medley of (Sparks, Pinball Wizards, See Me, Feel Me) its a “best of pill” of that show with its most memorable songs
  5. The average age of the crowd (65?): there were more white hairs than anything else but it didnt stop anyone from dancing, rocking, singing whilst standing for most of the gig.
Special mention:
  • For all the ultra-cool mods sporting their parkas or 60s mods haircuts 40-50 years later. Respect.
  • Zak Starkey: ok, he’s Ringo Starr’s son, he played for Oasis but its when performing with The Who that he shows its full talent as a drummer 

A tip to anyone out there thinking about going to a concert of the Who. GO AND BUY THE TICKETS NOW!

Rumors say that this might be their last tour, they are in better shape than The Rolling Stones physically, they still rock more than Paul McCartney, Roger still has a hell of a voice and Pete Townshend is as (or more) present than ever on his guitar.

These kids are (still very much) alright

Hey Hey, My My…



  • I Can’t Explain
  • Substitute
  • he Seeker
  • Who Are You
  • The Kids Are Alright
  •  I Can See for Miles
  •  Pictures of Lily
  •  My Generation
  •  Magic Bus
  •  Behind Blue Eyes
  •  Join Together
  •  You Better You Bet
  •  I’m One
  •  Love, Reign O’er Me
  •  Eminence Front
  •  A Quick One (While He’s Away)
  •  Amazing Journey
  •  Sparks
  •  Pinball Wizard
  •  See Me, Feel Me
  •  Listening to You
  •  Baba O’Riley
  •  Won’t Get Fooled Again

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