CONCERT REVIEW // The Dandy Warhols // Les Docks, Lausanne, 31.03.2015 – ‘Cause I like you, yeah I like you and I’m feeling so bohemian like you

8:30pm-9pm Forks 

You have no idea what psychedelic rock is like? No worries, Forks will give you a perfect presentation of it. Perfectly on time at 8:30pm Les Docks darkens, the three guys and the female singer of Forks enter the stage as the white panel behind them shows a black and white psychedelic video where synapsis seem to connect themselves.

As soon as they start playing you realize what psychedelic rock sounds like, spiral guitar riffs, powerful drums’ beats and, last but not least, topped in this case by a captivating deep female voice. Their music has something intrinsically beautiful that draws you into it right from the beginning. I had never heard them before and yet I felt as if I had known their music all along.

The combination of distorted sounds and the psychedelic footage projected on the screen in the back of the stage literally take you into another dimension. The singer’s deep and dark beautiful voice drives you into far meanders. Even her screams are attractive and give to their sound that perfect rebel touch. The instrumental bits are superb with the riffs intensifying and in which the climax matches with the confusion on the screen. What an amazing Swiss discovery! 


9:30pm-11pm The Dandy Warhols 
foto 1 (2)
The Portland quartet, enter the stage welcomed by the fans’ screams. Singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor has his hair tied into two braids looking rather like a native American than a tribute to the Swiss Heidi. He utters a “thanks” for the cheerings and then they start playing. They take the audience through many of their successes from back in 1994 up to their last album.

Their alternative rock sound is characterized by some great sing along anthems like “Get Off”. The guitar riffs space out and are distorted at times giving that touch of psychedelic which characterises their music. The singer’s deep voice is the cherry on top of the cake, you don’t want him to stop singing, ever. His vocalizes in some of the songs have the same attractive effect.

In “Last High” he also unveils his falsetto, backed up by the audience singing along. A laid back song which carries you away with its magic flow of notes. The bells and keyboards played by the girl render their tunes somehow softer with a sort of gypsy sound.

foto 2 (2)

The unmistakable riffs of “We Used To Be Friends” fill Les Docks as the audience gets carried away by the sounds. The colourful stage lights flash white on the “and I feel whoa ho woo” in “Bohemian Like You”, their anthem per excellence, as it can be seen from the audience’s response to it: a guy crowd surfing, a mosh-pit up front and people jumping and singing along. They bid goodbye with some psychedelic riffs and with the girl on the synths closing the concert with some cool electro sounds. No encore but they played for 1h30 without stopping.

The only downfall? Almost no interaction with the public except at the beginning and end of the concert where they say “Thank you we’ve been The Dandy Warhols” and “See you next time!”. But we forgive them since the show they put on was great and memorable!


Be In
Get Off
Some Things
Last High
I Love You
Well They’re Gone
Good Morning
Plan A
We Used To Be Friends
Horse Pills
Bohemian Like You
Boys Better

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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