PREVIEW: Balthazar, Les Docks, Lausanne, 21.04.2015

Balthazar are a Belgian indie pop band with three albums on their back, one of which, The Thin Line (2015), is brand new! Their sound will make you groove, the choruses will take you into a quiet and unforgettable trip. The colourful pallet of sound, which also counts a violin, is hard to resist as is the voice of the singer! If you’re eager to be cuddled by the sound and the voice you certainly found the right concert to attend!

There won’t be just one support band but two! One more reason not to miss this event!

Bed Rugs will take you into a psychedelic pop journey from which you’ll hardly want to depart.

Puts Marie, who will be playing also at Paléo Festival in Nyon this Summer, are a Swiss rock band ready to get straight to your heart with their opposing perfect calm to raging riffs and beats.

Three bands who promise to mark your Tuesday night at Les Docks with precious memories and great fun!


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