Summer 15 Festivals Review – Caribana Festival, Nyon – Day 2 – June 4th

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Day 2 – Thursday June 4

This second day is more orientated towards indie-pop and electro, with a touch of rock n’ roll too! Unfortunately I couldn’t stay until the end as there were no trains but I still managed to see some great bands!

7:15pm-8:15pm, Grande Scène


Metronomy, dressed in matching clothes, make the Caribana crowd dance and swing to their electro pop notes. Combining electric guitars, keyboard, synths together with drums beats they create a sound which is catchy and groovy! The instrumental bits turn at times even more electro making the audience dance even more! The voice of the singer, high-pitched at times gets straight into you. Some songs are good for chilling and enjoying, others are made to be danced along too.

8:15pm-9:15pm, Scène du Lac

The Strypes

The Strypes
The four lads of The Strypes are incredibly young and talented. As soon as Metronomy finish their gig on the big stage they start playing on the other stage. Fast rhythm, raging riffs and an unmistakable rock n’ roll sound and attitude. They play songs taken from their debut album Snapshot (2013) like “What A Shame”, where the fast-pacing riffs are combined to powerful drums’ beats. They also unveil songs taken from their new EP like “Scumbag City” to which the fast-learning audience happily sings along. Their sound reminds me a bit of Jake Bugg! The singer also plays the harmonica in some songs which gives to the songs a melancholic blues touch as well as a touch of their Irish roots.

9:15pm-10:30pm, Grande Scène


Bastille do not need any introduction anymore but tonight maybe they actually do because instead of the usual four lads there is one mysterious new member! The solution to the mystery comes up throughout the gig, his name is Charlie Barnes, he is a multi-instrumentalist and he is a new touring member! Welcome Charlie!

Bastille kick off the party time with the beautiful “Things We Lost In The Fire” propelling the public straight away into their indie-pop peppered with electro sprinkles. Singer and frontman Dan Smith always so kind and down to earth thanks the audience after each song introducing the next. The video footages in the background are colourful and intensify the band’s performance and the live experience for the audience.

At one point Dan wears his grey hoodie hiding his head under the hood, this announces that he is going to take his usual stroll into the audience while singing “Flaws”. And there he goes, people all over him but still, he keeps on singing! When he gets back on stage he even excuses himself for hitting someone with the microphone, how sweet!

Bastille are currently recording their second album and they play some new songs at Caribana Festival! Two of them are unveiled here for the first time ever, what a lucky audience and what an honour! The new song “Hanging” contains an explosive mix of instruments and an hip hop touch as well. It is perfect to sing along to with the “oooh oooh oooh” and the rhythmic refrain! “Snakes” is the other unpublished song, as Dan claims, it is his favourite so far in their upcoming second album. It is characterized by constant and quite powerful drums beats, thoughtful and witty lyrics sung by Dan’s voice going up and down. Add the vocalized and the clapping in the background of the other band members and you’ve got it all! Keep an hear on these two new songs, they’re going to be their next anthems!

They end in great style playing first the party anthem “Of The Night” in which Dan makes the entire audience sit down twice during the song. When the audience gets up, Caribana is a dance floor with people jumping up and down. As a second and very last song they play “Pompeii”, no need to say that everybody is singing along and jumping 😉

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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