5 things I learned from The Strokes gig @British Summer time in London, Hyde Park – 18/06/2015

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So, yesterday we visited Hyde Park for the British Summer time, perfect night, lovely weather and great music: Beck, Temples and obviously the main act: The Strokes.

And these are the 5 things we learned yesterday night:

  1. “Last Nite” The strokes keep being one of the top rock band world wide, the have their own unique sound and a setlist of anthems  that has influenced this generation and the likes of Arctic Monkeys and the Libertines, it’s a pity though that they have probably written max 4 good songs in the last 3 albums; still, a league of their own
  2. “Automatic Stop”:  west London girls “too posh to bother for Glasto” all gather in Hyde Park during BST showing off their latest Kate Moss, festival goers’ outfit and flower crowns
  3. “The End Has No End”: BST ticks the boxes for the most annoying things at a Festival: queuing ages for Beers and poor positioning of the toilets
  4. You Talk Way Too Much”: Julian Casablancas in between songs speeches suck: he mumbles a few non recognizable words and admitted himself that he should prepare that better
  5. “Hard to Explain”: Either Julian Casablancas’ hairdresser is a criminal – or Julian was very stoned when he decided the colors for his red and blonde hairstyle

Hey Hey, My My,


Anthem list:

  • Is This It
  • Barely Legal
  • Welcome to Japan
  • You Talk Way Too Much
  • Someday
  • Heart in a Cage
  • Hard to Explain
  • Automatic Stop
  • Vision of Division
  • Last Nite
  • Reptilia
  • Machu Picchu
  • Under Cover of Darkness
  • One Way Trigger
  • New York City Cops
  • Encore:
  • Juicebox
  • You Only Live Once
  • Take It or Leave It

2 thoughts on “5 things I learned from The Strokes gig @British Summer time in London, Hyde Park – 18/06/2015

  1. 4 good songs max in the last THREE ALBUMS? That is total garbage.

    You Only Live Once, Juicebox, Heart in a Cage, Razorblade… that’s just the first four tracks of First Impressions of Earth, and we’re already at your “4 max”

    That’s not to mention Electricityscape, Killing Lies, Red Light, Macchu Pichu, Under Cover of Darkness, Taken for a Fool, Gratisfaction, Life is Simple in the Moonlight, Tap Out, One Way Trigger, Welcome to Japan, Slow Animals, etc.

    Enough of this snooty, dismissive bandwagon bullshit. The Strokes are a great band. Just because they never recreated the buzz around their first couple albums doesn’t mean their output has been anything less than solid.

    1. Hello, I know that that statement was a bit provocative but I truly believe that the quality of their writing is poorer over the last 3 albums than in the first 2. All the songs you mention are good song (from a band that I love btw) but that I don’t think are better than most of the ones in Is This It or Room is on Fire.

      Are all of them solid song, yes, definitely? Are they better than what they wrote when they acted as a real band instead of a supergroup of side projects? I think no, but its subjective and as such everyone is right.

      Btw, in my 4 good songs I would have put 50/50… 😉

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