Day 2, Tuesday July 21

logo Paléo 2015

The programme of the Tuesday at Paléo is very often, if not always, the most rock of the festival, therefore one of my favourites! This year the highlight of the rock Tuesday are The Script and Kings Of Leon.
I also had the chance to air on the Ticino radio Rete Tre, where Niccolò Castelli asked me some questions about The Liberation – Indie Nation, my blog and my Paléo experience! I really enjoyed it, thanks a lot to him and to the Rete Tre crew for their interest on Indie Nation 🙂

One Sentence. Supervisor, Club Tent, 5pm-6pm

© Boris Soula
© Boris Soula

Their riffs and drums sound a bit punk-rock like Blink 182 but they also have well thought instrumental bits in the light of post-rock! Friendly and at ease on stage they manage to entertain the audience. A big beach umbrella reminds you of the Californian surf rock. A great discovery and a promising band!

Orchestre tout puissant Marcel Duchamp, Le Détour, 6:45pm-7.45pm

I’m not really convinced about this band and the gig. The musical distorsions and the singing of the female singer are a bit too pushed. Although the second part of the concert is more interesting with a folk influence added to the music.

Coeur De Pirate, Les Arches, 8pm-9pm

Coeur de Pirate au PalŽo Festival de Nyon Nyon, le 21.07.2015 Photographe : (C) Lionel Flusin
Coeur de Pirate au PalŽo Festival de Nyon
Nyon, le 21.07.2015
Photographe : (C) Lionel Flusin

Angel face, tattooed arms and a delicate voice, voilà Coeur de Pirate. This girl from Québec sings in French and English, her songs are poetic with a touch of rock conveyed by the guitar riffs and drums.

The Scripts, Grande Scène, 9pm-10:15pm

© Lionel Flusin
© Lionel Flusin

I caught the last 30 minutes of their concert for a good reason, because I was busy airing on the radio before. The Script are cool and entertaining and have an incredible energy on stage! Without forgetting singer Danny O’Donoghue’s beautiful voice. Their songs live are more rock than on their album. For one of the last songs the singer says that there are people who sadly only come to concerts and festivals to get drunk and take drugs, I actually share his point of view, but he says that the music is what unifies us all. He asks the audience to take out phones and lighters and wave hands all together. A beautiful moment of music and reflection.

The Dø, Les Arches, 10:15pm-11:30pm

© Boris Soula
© Boris Soula

The singer of The Dø looks like the modern version of Little Red Riding Hood with her red coat and her short dark brown hair. Live they are fantastic, they play some really cool music, it’s a sort of alternative rock mixed with electro. The effect is explosive! The singer has a beautiful mysterious voice reaching the edges of spectral. It caresses the soul and at the same time sounds like a child’s voice, pure and at times high pitched. A must see!

Kings of Leon, Grande Scène, 11:30pm-1am

© Pierre Descombes
© Pierre Descombes

The three Followill brothers Caleb (voice), Nathan (drums) and Jared (bass), and their cousin Matthew (guitar) kick off the gig with “Supersoaker” taken from their last album Mechanical Bull (2014). There are lots of special effects on the screen like video footage and live takes of the evening. Singer Caleb Followill is not a super master of speeches as I had already noticed during previous gigs. Still he manages to utter more words than when I saw them last year at Hallenstadion in Zürich. Nothing to say against their music live, it is awesome. Well, it might be because I know all of their songs but I believe their music is great to be heard live. They take the audience through their entire repertoire choosing an effective mix of older and newer songs. Going back to their early southern rock ‘n’ roll roots with “Molly’s Chamber” and “Taper Jean Girl”, both with some pretty addictive riffs and lyrics, to make the audience dance and jump to the rhythm.

© Anne Coillard
© Anne Coillard

The flames on the screen anticipate the amazing “Pyro”, which starts with some amazing guitars chords. Caleb sings with passion, closing his eyes and tilting his head back from the microphone. The last song they play before the encore is the beautiful “Use Somebody” that everybody in the audience has heard at least once in his life! Caleb lets the audience sing. He says they’re really happy to be back playing at Paléo and that the last time was a while ago. He also adds that they’re happy to be playing because they didn’t have many shows this year so they have fun and give all of them for those they have. Well, good for the audience! They play the slow song “Cold Desert” for which they ask to take out lighters and phones, the screen shows a night sky with stars and the Paléo audience looks just the same. They end in style and on a high with “Sex On Fire”, an indie-rock party anthem which sees the audience go literally crazy!


An amazing second day in the name of alternative rock and fish n’ chips 🙂

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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