Day 3, Saturday August 22

Isaac Delusion, Grande Scène, 6:30pm-7:30pm

Isaac Delusion open the big stage of For Noise on the Saturday. The four guys from Paris don’t hide their happiness to be on stage, smiling to the audience and such. They take us into a trip into their dream pop mixing electronic sounds, guitar and bass riffs. Loic Fleury‘s voice is crystalline and set on a sort of falsetto mode, a dreamy voice which takes the listener into another dimension. They play the song “She Pretends”, its notes softly fly above the heads of the audience. The last song also features some African bongos, creating something exotic and truly powerful as the four members stand in a circle banging the drums simultaneously. Singer Loic says big up to the festival programme as there are only bands that he likes.

Kid Francescoli, Demovie Salon, 7:30pm-8:30pm

I’m not really a fan of pure DJs but when electronic music is mixed with riffs and beats as in the case of Kid Francescoli I do like it. He is accompanied by a blond American doll from Chicago with a beautiful voice although sometimes she acts too much like a Barbie. He’s on the synths and also plays the guitar sometimes adding riffs to the music and that rock touch which makes it more aggressive being at the same time more danceable than rock music. An effective and explosive mix which is absolutely loved by the public in Demovie Salon!

Dan Deacon, Grande Scène, 8:30pm-9:30pm

© Davide Gostoli
© Davide Gostoli

Have you ever seen an interactive concert? Well I think Dan Deacon beats them all! Dance contests, people forming a tunnel where everybody has to pass into, high fives and so on accompanied by electronic music and topped with his voice rendered metallic and sort of kid like by the microphones. He asks one guy on the audience to do a dance contest with another guy and then everybody has to follow the moves of one of them depending if they are on the right side or the left side of the stage, and this of course by dancing to the elcetronic music they are playing!

Cristallin, Scène Abraxas, 9:30pm-10:30pm

Cristallin is another act which effectively mixes synth sounds with rock music. They are three guys: the singer is on the synths and also plays the guitar, a bassist and a drummer. The effect is a cool electro-rock music which also joins dream pop to take you in a an entirely new world. Guided by the singer who also has a beautiful voice!

Maddam, Demovie Salon, 11:30pm-00:30am

Maddam has a truly beautiful black voice which suits to the soul electro of the band. But her male colleague, who translates what she says from English to French is not funny at all but rather annoying. He is on the synths and doesn’t seem to be doing that much. But her voice, well that’s quite an impressive thing and wins on everything else.

© Davide Gostoli
© Davide Gostoli

Unfortunately, and sadly, this year For Noise Festival for its 19th edition attracted about 1000 less people than the previous years. The competition with other festival on the same weekend is hard and this year also Openair Gampel was on the same weekend. Perhaps because better known in the region of Lausanne and in the French-speaking part of Switzerland than in the rest of the country, For Noise didn’t manage to attract as many people as the previous years.
I really hope For Noise will keep on rocking, its smallness and atmosphere render it a unique festival, and Switzerland would lose one of its little shiny pearls! Plus the music is of best quality than in other bigger festival… and the audience is for sure better than in other festivals where many people just go to get drunk.

A huge merci to For Noise Festival for staying true to what matters the most: the passion for live music! I’ll hopefully see you next year for the 20th edition!

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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