Day 3, Friday August 28

ZH openair bannerAnother amazing day full of music, an increasingly hot sun and some really cool indie bands on the menu of this third day of Zürich Openair …

Josef Salvat, Tent Stage, 5pm-6pm

The Australian Josef Salvat has a crystal clear voice and plays a soft pop. He plays a beautiful cover of Rihanna‘s “Diamonds”.  With his soulful tunes he knows how to get to the heart of the listeners. His music also has a touch of electro in it, with some synths, which renders the tunes more danceable.

Blaudzun, Blue Stage, 6pm-7pm

Blaudzun are a band from the Netherlands, although for the music they play you could totally say that they come out directly from the British indie-rock scene. Their music is really cool, the indie-rock riffs and the voice of the singer are attractive. Although they play pretty early they can entertain well the people in front of the stage!

Milky Chance, Blue Stage, 7:45pm-8:45pm

The stage is set up with wooden decoration as well as some dreamcatchers coming down from the ceiling of the stage. The German duo Milky Chance formed by guitarist and singer Clemens Rehbein and DJ and drummer Philipp Dausch is accompanied on stage by another musician who plays the guitar and harmonica.
As soon as they start playing the audience moves to the groove. There is something in their music which is at the same time chilling and swinging. And then there’s the singer’s voice, oh isn’t it so beautiful? A bit hoarse at times, going up and down, he knows how to effectively play with his voice in order to get the perfect result and fuse it with the sounds. Philipp Dausch plays the drums as well as electronic drums. He also has a MacBook in front of him for the pre-recorded sounds and a mini synth. They mostly play songs from their debut album Sadnecessary, like “Down By The River”. It is cool because live they change the rhythm of the songs a bit and the singer makes more vocalises in between. For a new song they are also joined on stage by their friend Paulina who truly has a great voice! When they play their pearl “Stolen dance” everybody sings along and dances to it. Happy times!

Balthazar, Tent Stage, 8:45-9:45pm

I already saw Balthazar earlier this year at Les Docks and I really enjoyed their show! Today, before the concert I had a fun chat with the two singers of the band. On stage they are all standing on a line in the front part. The two singers alternate the lead singing in the songs so that it makes it cool for the audience to hear the different voices. Their sound is a multi instrumental indie-rock, danceable and great to sing along as well. They present songs from their latest album Thin Walls (2015), which take you in a great trip into melodic rock sounds that you wish would never end.

Seeed, Blue Stage, 9:45pm-11:15pm

Seeed don’t really play the kind of music which is most popular at Zürich Openair since it’s mostly an indie-electro festival. However this German band is incredibly cool live, as I had already found out at Roskilde Festival last year. They are around 10 on stage but at times other musicians join them so that they are about 15 at a certain point. Definitely multi-instrumental, they also construct choreographies to go with their colourful show and to accompany their party music with reggae influence.

Interpol, Tent Stage, 11:15pm-00:30am

Focused a lot on guitar riffs, the Americans of Interpol create a solid rock sound. The voice of the singer is deep and attractive. I saw them last year at Roskilde, their shows are always full of lights changing according to the riffs. The crowd’s response is great as they jump up and down to the music like for the song “All The Rage Back Home”.


Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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