CONCERT REVIEW // STARSAILOR // Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London 17-10-2015 – I turn to you and I say thank goodness for the good souls that make life better



We were at the Shepherd’s bush Empire yesterday for a long awaited come back. Starsailor closed the UK leg of their Greatest Hits reunion tour in front of an extathic crowd in London composed mainly by the brit pop generation.

A quick reminder for those who forgot about them: Starsailor came to success in  2001 with their debut album “Love is Here” and the single “Alcoholic“, you might remember them for their “Four to the Floor” that got remixed into a disco version by Thin White Duke and made us all dance back in 2003-2004. 4 albums, many amazing romantic and sad ballads, they split in 2009 to reunite in 2014 and releasing a best of album “Good Souls” this week (with one big question: why there’s no vinyl version of it!!???)

My personal favorite top 4 moments from last night:

  1. Good Souls: obvious, its my favorite song from Starsailor, amazing lyrics, a very melancholic anthem to love and friendship. They closed it with a medley that included “Moving on Up” from Primal Scream and a very short verse of “Tomorrow Never Knows” (if I’m not mistaken) from The Beatles that made it a very special moment of music
  2. Tell Me its not Over: I always loved the piano intro, another sad broken love ballad finished over with a cover of “Kids” from MGMT, flawless art
  3. Alcoholic: James Walsh has not lost his voice, and he proved it on this fans’ favorite song that got the whole crowd to sing in standing ovation
  4. Silence is Easy: some of my favorite lyrics – “Everybody says that their looking for a shelter, Got a lot to give but I don’t know how to help her, I should just let it go till they learn how to grow, And how to liberate.”

Net, a great night out (despite my broken leg), a great gig from a bizarrely underrated band which somehow doesn’t get the song writing recognition they should deserve.

I turn to you and I say  thank goodness for the good souls  that make life better 

Hey Hey, My My


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