Eventually The Animen, a Swiss indie-rock n’ roll band from Carouge, are back! After a brilliant debut album simply entitled  Hi! (2013), for which you’ll find the review I wrote at the time here, they freshly released their new album Are We There Yet? on 27 November 2015. Their second album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and the Southern vibe can certainly be heard in its sound, like in the lively single “At War”. They had already unveiled some great new material during the Label Suisse festival in Lausanne on 20 September 2014, and their come-back was much awaited!

If you hear them once you’re gonna want to listen to them over and over again. That rock n’ roll vibe and the imposing crooner voice of singer Theo Wyser stick in your head without intention to leave.

Take the chance to see one of the best Swiss rock n’ roll bands out there at Le Romandie, in Lausanne on Thursday 10 December 2015! We are so excited to see The Animen again! See you there my pretty ballerina 😉

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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