Le Romandie – Rock Club, is, as its name suggests the rock venue per excellence in Lausanne. Found under the Grand Pont, inside it’s made like an arch of a cave. It is a cozy venue which allows you to see bands from very up close! Tonight’s the turn of one of my very favourite Swiss bands: The Animen. The first time I saw these guys from Carouge it was at Les Docks when they played as support band for Miles Kane back in Novemebr 2013, it was love at first ear! I haven’t stop listening to them ever since. So I couldn’t wait to hear their second album Are We There Yet? (2015) live. And I even got a chance to interview singer Théo Wyser and guitarist Julien Marty before the concert… but that’s gonna have to wait some more. Let’s see how The Animen and their support band The Last Moan treated the audience 😉

9.10pm-10pm The Last Moan

The Last Moan are just two guys, a drummer and a guitarist but I can guarantee you that they make enough noise for five! The singer and guitarist is called by his drummer mate “the Pablo Escobar of Valais” he wears a Johnny Cash style shirt, you know those blues rock shirts with flowers?
Their rock ranges from old school Kings of Leon dirty rock n’ roll to more noisy and garage rock stuff. It sounds good, really good! The audience is straight away in the mood to shake heads and move to the sound! They reminded me a bit of another powerful duo: Royal Blood.
Really cool! A great discovery, check them out 😉

10.25pm-11:30pm The Animen


The four guys of The Animen, Théo Wyser (singer), Julien Marty (guitar), Guillaume Louis (drums) and Robin Schneider (bass) are all dressed in an elegant suit (without tie, ‘cause it’s still a concert you know). They start straight away with the very catchy rock n’ roll song with a surf vibe, “On the House”, taken from their new album Are We There Yet?, which just came out on 27th November. They continue with some beloved older tunes which get the audience sing along and swing to the sound. A truly effective mix of southern guitar riffs and drums beats which makes you sort of travel back in time and pretty far away! Not to forget Théo Wyser’s ever charming crooner voice, it only seems to get better every time. Smart lyrics, easy to understand but very effective and which convey a message.

Guitarist Julien Marty also plays the keyboards in some songs adding a touch of blues to the songs. For their last single “At War” the public is catapulted in the Far West with the Native Americans’ calling sound intro made by Théo Wyser. From there a great rock n’roll marching tune is unveiled! When the singer takes out the ukulele you know it’s gonna be their “old” single “My Pretty Ballerina” turn. It’s probably their most well-known single so quite unusual to hear it before the end but a great treat!

After the song “16’ Smoking Gun” and “Down In Oslo” seeing the audience dance and scream along the singer bursts out “It was about time you woke up! We would have said it was Geneva!”, the audience booing because of the comparison to Geneva. Fun time! You can feel and see the complicity between the band members while they play on stage, facing each others, head against head for some of the songs and stuff. Truly beautiful to see, and that’s reflected in their music as well!

At a certain point the singer gets to the front of the stage, bends himself and hands over his guitar pick to a girl in the audience who is invited to play the strings while he changes chords, quite cool! The touching new ballad “My Favorite Color is You” sets a very nice chill atmosphere if it isn’t for the disrespectful people talking along to it… Karma will heat back one day for ruining this perfect moment.

Théo Wyser adapts the last words of the song “Staggo Me” to the concert, singing “One more, one more before the band is gone”. Once this beautiful rock ballad is over they play as they sung before, one more song, the lively “Shake” using their last energies and making the public jump and sing along like crazy.  An end on a high which shows that among sweat and rock n’ roll The Animen assure and their new album does too. Worth more than a listen ‘cause the first listen will make you addicted! You’ve been warned! 😉


On the House
The Road Taken
French Letter
Below Eternal Snow
Not a Single Time
Another Grey Crime
At War
These Aren’t Raindrops
Them on the Picture
My Pretty Ballerina
Mami Wata
Tell the Kid
My Favorite Color Is You
16’ Smoking Gun
Down In Oslo
Staggo Me (encore)
Shake (encore)

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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