Anybody Out There
 is an indie-rock band from Bern composed by four guys: singer and bassist Matthias Nyfeler, keyboardist Simon Freiburghaus, drummer Martin Müller and guitarist Manuel Jordi. Their self-titled and self-produced debut EP which came out on 10 October 2015 takes you in a trip into the space, far beyond and back.

The opening track “Drown” is the perfect one to open the travel on the outer world with its space guitars, the electronic intro with the keyboards and the powerful drums in the back. The voice of the singer is fresh and young and leads you on the path.

The next stop is “Full World” which starts off with guitar riffs and delicate drums plates’ beats and then acquires a repetitive and entertaining rhythm where the singers voice gently comes in enumerating the things the world is full of. The lyrics sort of mirror the sounds and are then followed by an instrumental bit.

“Give Me My Voice Back” begins with the keyboards creating the background sound on which one by one guitar, bass and drums join in. It sounds melancholic, but despite that the rhythm and also the singing gain increasingly in power.

“Stare”, the last track on the EP, takes you into mysterious meanders with the pace slowing down, in perfect tuning with the lyrics, with the guitars becoming more playful and space than ever and the drums determining the pace. Here’s how it sounds live to have a little idea:

Anybody Out There come out with a promising and great EP, which contains space and colourful sounds mixing electronic music with riffs and drums beats they manage to create an alternative rock journey through space! For people who like bands of the likes of Editors, Stereophonics and The Wombats. I’m looking forward to hear more of them and in the mean time you should all check them out! 😉

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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