8:30-9:15pm Emilie Zoé

© Thomas Ebert
© Thomas Ebert

I saw Emilie Zoé at the beginning of June 2016 at Caribana Festival. The show is even more intense at Les Docks because it is more intimate with the dark room and dim lights, the atmosphere is totally different than in an open air. Her beautiful voice resounds better as well.

And one thing is suddenly sure: Emilie Zoé rocks! From rock ‘n’roll to more quiet songs, she nails all of them. She’s not only a musician but a performer. She sings with her heart and is accompanied by her faithful drummer Nicolas Pittet. In the future there will be more of the two together as the songs they are preparing are written by the two of them and we can’t wait! She also sings the soundtrack for the RTS TV series “Anomalia”, definitely worth a listen (and a look)!

9:45pm-11:10pm Explosions In The Sky

© Thomas Ebert
© Thomas Ebert

Explosions In The Sky is an instrumental post rock band from Austin, Texas. The band’s formation dates back to 1999! It is composed by four multi instrumental guys (2 guitars, 2 basses, synth and drums): Chris Hrasky, Michael James, Munaf Rayani and Mark Smith plus touring member Carlos Torres.

A line of colourful spotlights is set in front of the stage, lighting up at times towards the ceiling and at times right towards the audience. The first thing the band does upon arrival on stage is say “Hi” to the audience and thanking them for coming out (in French hey!). They also do a round of applause for Emilie Zoé and then they start playing.

Playing the guitar with a violin arch, banging on the guitar’s chords to make a hard sound, this and much more is what the guys from Explosions In The Sky do. The rumbling of the drums sounds sometimes more like a marching drum and other times like multiple ones. The mix of sound is mind-blowing and overwhelming. Everything seems perfectly well thought, every riff, every beat even when each of them plays his own instrument kind of aggressively the result is music, and it is beautiful!

Distorted sounds have also their spot in their gig, the synths sometimes too loud screech joining the aggressive guitar riffs. The five musicians are really into it and move a lot back and forth to the rhythm of the music. They remind me of other post rock bands like Mogwai and Maybeshewill.

The pearls of sweats coming down their faces testify the effort put into each of the songs. In the last song there is a crescendo and the sound becomes incredibly powerful until it stops abruptly. Sublime concert!

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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