Nadja Zela is a rock artist from Zürich. In March 2016 she released her new album Immaterial World, produced with Robin Girod (Mama Rosin, Duck Duck Grey Duck). It’s an album in which she manages to further highlight her talentuous songwriting. Her soft voice, guided by the sound of her guitar leads the listener into the beautiful unknown. 

Nadja Zela has a sort of surrealist approach to music, like the images she employs in the video for the song “Immaterial World”. In Nadja Zela‘s music you can ear many influences from blues to 60s rock, passing through folk. You can also hear the sound of experience as she’s been around in the music science for quite a while. 

She plays a free show at Montreux Jazz Festival at Music in the Park on Sunday 10th of July at 7pm, a great occasion to see one of the best Swiss rockers.
Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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