Day 3, Thursday July 21

I really couldn’t get enough of the Village du Monde this year! So here I go again, making also a stop at the Club Tent though.

© Paléo / Pierre Descombes
© Paléo / Pierre Descombes

Cití Mac, O’ Voyager’s Pub, 7pm-8pm

O’Voyager’s Pub
is a wooden pub situated in the heart of the Village du Monde. Guinness’ advertising posters on the walls, wooden interiors, chairs and tables and a smell of beer that truly makes you feel in an authentic Irish Pub.

Cití Mac is a band very accustomed to pubs as the five members usually play in the Cobblestone Pub in Dublin. No microphones and no amplifiers, just five instruments and a dose of festive wish to play music and have fun. The band is able to create a great atmosphere with the Irish folk melodies it delivers, counting on the two violins, concertina, guitar and an eight-string guitar. One of the girls playing the violin also dances tapping her foot hard on the ground. 

Cití Mac is very entertaining, the public sings along and some brave people even go up and dance!

The Two, Club Tent, 10:45pm-11:45pm

© Paléo / Laurine Mottet
© Paléo / Laurine Mottet

Thierry Jaccard, Swiss, short hair and a basketball cap on his head and Yannick Nanette, Mauritian, long brown dreadlocks. Together they form the blues duo The Two and you could definitely say that in some way they complete themselves.

The Two plays a colourful blues with a constant smile and creates sounds which go straight to your heart! Both guys play with such a passion that seeing them live is a proper treat! From “Live my life” to the cover “Roseda”, sang in Mauritian, the audience loves every bit! Two guitars is all The Two needs to impress and make the public travel from the Mauritian Islands to the deep South, guided by Yannick Nanette‘s deep and powerful voice backed up by Thierry Jaccard.

Both members of the band are very talented and friendly, I had the pleasure to interview them before their concert. The interview will be published soon so stay tuned!

Bal Celtique – Delienn, Scène de l’Escale, 12pm-1:30am

Ambiance Paléo 2016 - Nyon
Ambiance Paléo 2016 – Nyon

From polka to folk group dances, a series of balls in the beautiful setting of L’Escale inside the Tour Vagabonde that is what Celtic folk band Delienn offers. A coulourful and effective intertwining of instruments employed in folk music such as violin and flutem, which is translated into various dances. 

From the top of the Tour Vagabonde it looks like down on the ground floor there are some good dancers! A great convivial atmosphere!

A third day in the name of blues and folk!

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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