The Australian rockers of Wolfmother, captained by the curly haired Andrew Stockdale, came back earlier in 2016 with their fourth album Victorious. The band’s music ranges from 70s and 60s sonorities to contemporary rock and hard rock. The explosive result is assured!

Be ready to be mind-blown by the heavy guitar riffs and drums beats’ as in the band’s single “Victorious”.

Dirty Sound Magnet will open the gig taking the audience through a colourful psychedelic tour into distorted sounds. This Swiss rock band mixes psychedelic sounds with electric guitars, creating tunes that make the audience vibrate.

Dirty Sound Magnet is going to release a new album entitled Western Lies very soon!

Come and find some shade and refreshing rock music at Les Docks on Tuesday 23 August!

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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