© LaureN Pasche www.Lauren.ch
© LaureN Pasche http://www.Lauren.ch

Les Docks is very crowded to welcome The Baseballs, both the parterre and the balcony are full. The Baseballs band, composed by five musicians, precedes the entrance of the three singers Basti, Sam and Digger all dressed in a rock ‘n’ roll style.

The audience is immediately catapulted into the ’50-60s rockabilly world, travelling through time and space. The Baseballs mostly play songs taken from their new album Hit me baby… which was released on September 9, 2016. The new songs are as catchy as the old ones and the band always manages to give the tunes that rock ‘n’ roll touch that makes them become danceable and a bomb of energy.

Just like two years ago at this very same place, The Baseballs makes the audience dance like crazy and have loads of fun. Basti, Sam and Digger involve the audience making them sing along, clap along and doing shenanigans on stage.

The band crew brings on stage hay and other material to create a country setting while the singers ask the audience whether they like Johnny Cash and Elvis, excited screams are the answer. The band plays a 50-60’ rockabilly version of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, which in its state fits perfectly with the atmosphere. The singers as well as the band are sitting on the hay at the centre of the stage imitating the deep voices of Johnny Cash and Elvis.

The 50-60s atmosphere is heightened throughout the gig by the presence of the instrumental band, including a saxophone and a piano. The piano player even plays with his foot at times! And Nico, the saxophone player, is given a particular attention and creates a jazzy atmosphere.

© LaureN Pasche www.Lauren.ch
© LaureN Pasche http://www.Lauren.ch

Basti announces that tonight The Baseballs mostly plays new songs but that there’s still place for the old songs and there the band goes playing Rhianna’s “Umbrella” one of the most well know songs and one that makes you shake your hips!

During one song The Baseballs makes the public sing the name of the colours of the lights on stage while they keep on singing the song, the resulting effect is cool and sounds like a big choir!

At one point The Baseballs calls on stage a fan girl to turn the wheel with the titles of songs the band used to play. She turns the wheel and the song selected is “Don’t feel like dancing”. The guys play the song while the girl is sitting on a chair on stage eating a banana and savouring a drink they gave to her. The audience screams and the other girls are certainly jealous, mostly when Sam and Digger ask for a kiss on the cheek and Basti sings just behind her. Their muscles certainly do not remain unnoticed… Lucky girl!

The band plays a song about sex, singing explicitly in an even sexier way than usual. The Baseballs then plays covers like Green Day’s “Basket Case”, Cher’s “Believe” and Katy Perry’s “Hot n’ cold” which create great sing alongs and rock ‘n’ roll moves. They also play “On my way”, one of the songs taken from the album Game Day (2014) that the band wrote and which has a nostalgic country folk sound.

The instrumental band is given space to show off its talented musicians when the singers leave the stage to change themselves, at one point the drummer remains alone on stage and makes an awesome drums solo while his place turns at 360 degrees.

After 2 hours of show The Baseballs briefly leaves the stage and then comes back to play a few more songs and let the audience enjoy the last dances. An incredible gig for a band that is absolutely a must see for all rock ‘n’ roll fans! 

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

© LaureN Pasche www.Lauren.ch
© LaureN Pasche http://www.Lauren.ch


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