Let’s get this rock night at Metropop started, the headliners are none other than White Lies and The Kills!

7pm-7.45pm Ritual Boogie

© Aude Haenni
© Aude Haenni

Powerful drums and hard riffs, hoarse voice and some darkness for this Swiss band. A trio which rocks in a style close to hard rock!

8pm-8:45pm Jetlakes

© Aude Haenni
© Aude Haenni

The young Jetlakes keeps on gaining experience. The band shows that they can play small stages like the one at Bleu Lézard as well as bigger stages like here at Metropop.

The singer has a contagious energy and their music sounds like stadium rock with refrains sticking in mind and addictive riffs and drums’ beats. The singer could well be a proper showman inciting the public to sing along and doing vocalises. A young band with a promising future ahead!

9:30pm-10:40pm White Lies

© Aude Haenni
© Aude Haenni

White Lies opens the gig with “Take It Out On Me” and “There Goes Our Love”, two brand new songs from their last album Friends taking the audience in a new brighter atmosphere than their previous works. The audience is straight away plunged into the eclectic pattern of their music. Colourful lights accompany somber and happier tunes, never missing the nostalgic flow like in “To Lose My Life”.

The band then plays another new song “Hold Back Your Love” which brings us back to the 80s dancefloors with that typical keyboard sound and makes the audience groove to the ryhthm. White Lies offers a great mix of newer and older songs, some slow some more rock.

Singer Harry McVeigh incites the audience to clap along to some tunes and thanks the audience multiple times. He presents “Is My Love Enough” as his favourite song in the new album, a tune with keyboards and repetitive synth sounds. Its refrain sticks in mind and makes you want to dance along to the notes, cuddled by the singer’s voice.

The gig ends on the supreme notes of “Bigger Than Us” taken from their 2011 album Ritual, with the light bursting orange during the powerful refrain to which the hardcore fans sing along. The singer’s voice is impressively powerful and beautiful despite some coughing, but I don’t blame him as the weather is pretty cold outside.

11:30pm-1am The Kills

© Aude Haenni
© Aude Haenni

The entrance of The Kills is preceded by an instrumental intro. The stage is well decorated with the image of the Ash & Ice album cover, an erupting volcano. As soon as female singer Alison Mosshart enters the stage the (male) audience screams. She is as usual hyperactive and starts walking around in circles and shaking her body to the rhythm of the music. Her partner in crime Jamie Hince is focused on his guitar, playing it with passion.

Alison Mosshart is a tiger on stage, tilting her head back and forth to the rhythm of the music and embodying each song they play. The complicity between the two is outstanding. Their voices overlap themselves creating a beautiful contrast and the riffs, oh well the riffs are just brilliant.

For the encore Alison Mosshart comes out on her own and plays a beautiful acoustic version of “That Love” on the guitar. Then the band plays “Siberian Nights” the single taken from their new album Ash & Ice, an highlight of tension with an addictive and powerful rhythm. The Kills have got energy to sell!

Metropop truly offered a fantastic rock night!

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert


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