// CONCERT REVIEW // BAND OF HORSES, X-TRA, ZÜRICH, 25.02.2017 – At every occasion I’ll be ready for the funeral

The venue is already crowded when I get there, I make my way towards the stage finding a free spot. The concert is sold out and X-Tra is full of people.

 9:00pm-10:50pm Band of Horses


As the venue darkens, a piano intro starts playing. Then the five American indie-rockers of Band of Horses come on stage, lead singer Ben Bridwell says “Hello Zurich, it’s nice to be back!” and then they start charming the audience with their delightful melodies.

Throughout the gig the band takes the audience through a wide and diversified range of its repertoire. Their music contains also folk and country influences which can be heard in some of the songs.

The band plays many old song taken from Infinite Arms (2010), which is a true masterpiece of melodic rock with mystic guitar riffs. Live, Band of Horses heightens the mystic guitars even more and the songs gain power sounding more rock. The first half of the concert seems to be more quiet and also the audience appears to take some time to get into the gig. But towards the second half of the gig, where the band plays a few songs from the older albums, like “Laredo”, gets the audience more in the mood.

For “Is There a Ghost”, taken from the album Cease to Begin (2007) the singer screams his lungs off and shows his voice in all its beauty and powerfulness. The band plays also songs taken from the new album Why Are You Ok (2016), which are also well acclaimed by the public.


The magic in Band of Horses‘ melodies is not demystified during their live performance, starting from the delicate voice of the singer which caresses the soul. The melodies can be sad and move you but there’s for sure magic in them!

The singer spreads joy from the stage, he may sing and play sad songs but he does it with pleasure. He is joined in by his bandmates singing the vocals and forming a choir during some songs. Whereas for some other songs one of the other members of the band takes the lead in the singing.

The band comes back for an encore and the audience starts screaming „Funeral! Funeral!“, singer Ben Bridwell plays the unmistakable opening chords of “The Funeral” and the public gets even more excited screaming out loud. As he starts singing the audience joins in. The beginning is very delicate and he plays acoustically, whereas during the refrain the drums beats and the riffs explode in all their beauty and energy. It’s an explosion of sounds and colours and after a while everything becomes calm once again.

Hearing “The Funeral” live is an incomparable experience. Even if they played one more song, the concert ended there for me, stuck in that outstanding moment, wishing to relive it forever.


The First Song
The Great Salt Lake
Solemn Oath
Casual Party
Detlef Schrempf
Marry Song
Country Teen
Throw My Mess
For Annabelle
No One’s Gonna Love You
Islands on the Coast
NW Apt.
Blue Beard
In a Drawer
Weed Party
Is there a Ghost
Am I a Good Man (Them Two cover)
The Funeral (encore)
The General Specific (encore)

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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