Creatures, 8:45pm-9:10pm

© Davide Gostoli

A jump back in the 50s western movies with Creatures‘ music and the clothes the band members wear. Creatures has a saloon sound which is a slow country patterned by keyboards and guitars. The singer is sort of an actor, he totally fits in the part of a cowboy. He employs his voice in an original way, making it go up and down. He’s got the far west moves as well!

Temples, 9:45pm-11:15pm

© Davide Gostoli

The electronic intro of  the song “All join in”, taken from Temples‘ last album Volcano (2017), and white lights flashing accompany the entrance on stage of the British band. The four lads embrace each their instruments while the intro is still on. Then they kick off playing and singing the lyrics to “All join in”.

Their music takes the audience straight away into the past. The nostalgic sounds as well as the singer’s sparkly jacket and modulable voice recall David Bowie‘s androgynous antics and voice. Singer James Bagshaw can switch from a high-pitched voice to a lower one very easily throughout the songs.

He thanks the audience saying “merci” and tells that the set features old songs as well as new ones taken from the last album Volcano, like the colourful single “Certainty” with its high-pitched notes and the memorable refrain.

© Davide Gostoli

Temples sounds like a modern revision of the glam rock of the 70s sprinkled with psychedelic sounds. It is a jump back in time, but also one forward with modern additions.

The band leaves space for some great instrumental bits featuring watery and psychedelic guitar riffs as well as rumbling drums and keyboard notes.

They end the first part of the set with “Strange or be Forgotten” which sounds like a mirror of their image, a style quite unusual nowadays which makes them memorable! It’s a song which gets the audience singing along, with the voice of the singer getting higher in the refrain.

The encore features two songs, the first one “A question isn’t answered”, has a strong rock sound with hard and heavy guitar riffs and powerful drums which get the guys in the centre tilting their heads back and forth like in a hard rock concert. Temples bids goodbye with the lovely “Shelter Song” with its witty lyrics and the intertwining of the band members’ voices backing up the singer.

© Davide Gostoli


All Join In
Colours To Life
Roman God-Like Man
Sun Structures
(I Wanna Be Your) Mirror
Keep In The Dark
Move With The Season
Mystery Of Pop
How Would You Like To Go?
Open Air
Strange Or Be Forgotten
A Question Isn’t Answered (encore)
Shelter Song (encore)

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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