// CONCERT REVIEW // POND, LES DOCKS, LAUSANNE, 31.05.2017 – Someone sweep me off my feet

Methyl Ethel 8:30pm-9:25pm

A short set but very intense.  Australian rock band Methyl Ethel brings to Les Docks a melodic rock with a sprinkle of psychedelic sounds such as watery guitar riffs. The crystalline and beautiful voice of the singer gets in its falsetto mode at times. A de-centered spot on stage for the singer makes the band even more interesting.

The songs are tainted with a dreamy and groovy sound which makes the audience swing. Keyboards, drums, synth, bass and guitar riffs run after each other to create a cozy atmosphere! 

Pond 9:50pm-11pm

© Davide Gostoli

Psychedelic rock Aussie band Pond, is known as sharing members with Tame Impala, it is also supposed to be its craziest side. The show at Les Docks highlights Pond’s craziness. They are five on stage, singer Nick Allbrook is a fun character, doing lots of shenanigans on stage. Pond released their new (the seventh!) album The Weather at the beginning of May, a new page in their career.

Pond opens the set with new song “30’000 Megatons” that with its synths and solemn sounds takes the audience on a trip straight away.

At the back of the stage, a huge screen projects holograms and other visual effects which in a sort complete the music and smoothes the way into Pond‘s crazy world. 

© Davide Gostoli

The repertoire they bring to Les Docks goes from dreamy slow songs broken off by heavy riffs, or electronic beats, an ever present and strong bass line, and long instrumental bits which heighten the psychedelic rock experience with synths going off the spot and watery guitar riffs. 

The singer comes off stage twice to sing among an excited audience. He even stage-dives encouraging the audience to do so as well, but none is brave enough to try.

The singer anticipates that there will be no encore but that instead of leaving stage the band will stay for two more songs, a great way non to disappoint fans! 

© Davide Gostoli

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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