// CONCERT REVIEW // FLOGGING MOLLY, LES DOCKS, LAUSANNE, 05.07.2017 – Walk, don’t walk if your feet don’t know the way.

Les Docks is packed when I get there to see Flogging Molly, with an audience at first look mostly composed by guys.


© Davide Gostoli

The lights on stage turn into the colours of the Irish flag, green, white and orange.

A Flogging Molly song is played on stereo waiting for the entrance of the band. Flogging Molly finally comes on stage and the fun begins as soon as they start playing, with the audience shaping a mosh pit up front and people jumping and clapping along. There are also some people crowd surfing throughout the gig.

Flogging Molly‘s music is happy and festive and the atmosphere they create takes you directly into a crowded traditional pub in Ireland. Their Celtic punk is characterized by happy as well as melancholic melodies featuring violin, accordion, guitars and drums.

The American band plays a lot of older songs and great classics of their work such as “Drunken Lullabies”. The Irish singer Dave King is very friendly and interacts a lot with the audience, giving out Guinness cans to cool down the very hot atmosphere.

© Davide Gostoli

From “Requiem for a dying song” to “Seven deadly sins” the fun is assured, featuring the typical Celtic punk sounds with the flute played by Bridget Regan alternated with the violin, both adding their own Irish folk touch.

The band plays some songs they haven’t play in a long time like “Laura”, a song they last played 20 years ago!

Flogging Molly released a new album, Life is Good, in 2017 from which they play a couple songs, which are also well received by the audience with the band remaining faithful to that original Irish sound which make them so beloved.

For this last concert of the season at Les Docks, the audience is in flame from beginning to end, clapping along, jumping and singing. A great end in a Celtic punk way!

© Vanina Moreillon

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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