On Monday July 10th 2017Montreux Jazz Festival hosted two incredible rock bands at the Stravinski: The Kills and Kasabian.

8pm-9.15pm The Kills 

© 2017 FFJM – Lionel Flusin

The Kills, duo composed by American singer Alison Mosshart and by English guitarist Jamie Hince, impresses the audience for their dirty rock sound and their attractive complicity. On stage the two are accompanied by drummer Jonathan Scott and Scott Patterson on bass.

The Kills takes the audience through a mystic trip where guitar riffs are masters, combined with very powerful drum beats and the synths in the background. The band plays new songs taken from their 2016 album Ash & Ice as well as older songs, which get the audience clapping and cheering along. Alison Mosshart tilts her head and her blonde hair back and forth to the rhythm of the drums and the powerful guitar riffs.

She remains alone on stage as the venue darkens to play an acoustic version of “That Love”. She sings and plays beautifully with a point of anger in her voice and her scruffy blonde hair covering her face.

For one of the songs Alison Mosshart takes the lead of the drums banging hard on them while her partner in crime Jamie Hince concentrates on his guitar riffs. In most of the songs the voices of the two intertwine or back the other one up.

The Kills is for sure of the sexiest rock duo of our times!

10pm-11.30pm Kasabian

© 2017 FFJM – Lionel Flusin

Kasabian‘s leaders Tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno are accompanied by five other band members, bassist Chris Edwards, drummer Ian Matthews, Ben Kealey on keys, Tim Carter on guitar and Gary Alesbrook on the trumpet.

Kasabian kicks off the party with “III Ray (The King)”, a very danceable song with beats on which the audience gets hooked. Throughout the gig the lights change colours according to the beats. The band entertains the public from beginning to end playing their biggest hits from “Underdog” to “Shoot the Runner”.

Kasabian released their new album For Crying Out Loud in 2017. They play the single “You’re in Love with a Psycho” taken from it, a tune with a funky rhythm and a refrain that sticks in mind and that the audience sings along to. Mixing synths and electronic sounds with electric riffs and drum beats their alternative rock gets addictive and the audience claps along most of the time, jumping on the tunes. When the trumpet comes in, it adds a funk touch to their music.

© 2017 FFJM – Lionel Flusin

Proper showman, singer Tom Meighan entertains the audience throughout the show. Guitarist Serge Pizzorno comes down the stage towards the end of a song and shakes hands with the fans in the first row, then strolls through the audience in front while singing.

During the encore they play the only slow song of the entire gig, “Comeback Kid” taken from their last album, which also has a folky touch. In order to mark the magic of the song, they ask the audience to take out their phones and put on a light to create a starry-like atmosphere. They end their gig setting the audience on fire with their tune “Fire” getting everybody in the Stravinski to jump like crazy.

A memorable show!


III Ray (The King)
You’re in Love with a Psycho
Club Foot
Switchblade Smiles
Bless This Acid House
Put Your Life on It
L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever
Comeback Kid (encore)
Vlad the Impaler (encore)
Fire (encore)

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert


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