Day 3, Thursday July 20

Lola Marsh, Club Tent, 8pm-9pm

Israelian duo Lola Marsh enchants the audience at the Club Tent with their touching indie-folk melodies. Singer Yael Shoshana Cohen has a resemblance with Penelope Cruz and her delicate and husky voice reminds that of Lana Del Rey. The other half of the duo is Gil Landau, who plays guitar and keyboards. Lola Marsh is accompanied on stage by a few more band members.

Their songs make you travel through time and space, into a forest of sounds from guitar riffs to rhythmic bells as well as a sprinkle of synths sounds. Lola Marsh released their first EP You’re Mine in January 2016. Singer Yael throws one of the CDs, duly autographed, to the audience.

In the song “Wishing Girl” the audience is asked to sing along the vocals as the band whistles and plays. Lola Marsh is genuinely happy and seemingly surprised about the audience reaction to their gig and their music, it is well deserved!

An amazing indie-folk discovery!

Jamiroquai, Grande Scène, 9:15pm-10:45pm

©Paléo – Lionel Flusin

Jamiroquai, English band fronted by singer Jay Kay brings to the L’Asse its mix of funk and acid jazz. Jay Kay, who is usually jumping around and dancing on stage, has to renounce to move around too much because of a back pain. He wears a weird technologic crown on his head which fits well with his space music.

©Paléo – Anne Colliard

On stage with him there are 9 additional members, including three female vocalists. Although their music is multi-instrumental the background sound and beats in the songs doesn’t change that much and it seems we are listening to the same song over and over, which renders the concert boring after a while. Jamiroquai’s music doesn’t seem to have changed that much over the years after all.

From “Cosmic Girl” to “Space Cowboy” he makes the audience groove nonetheless.

Justice, Grande Scène, 12am-1:15am

©Paléo – Lionel Flusin

French band Justice transforms the L’Asse in a massive dance floor with their electro house tunes. A show accompanied by shining lights over the somber stage and the black leather jackets of the two band members. Jumping along, arms in the air the audience is completely lost into their world of space sounds.

A folky, funky, electronic third day at Paléo!

©Paléo – Jacques Rattaz

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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