Indie-folk trio Mighty Oaks are back with a new album Dreamers in 2017, after their highly acclaimed first LP Howl (2014). Ian Hooper, Craig Saunders and Claudio Donzelli deliver a new selection of folk songs which follow the beautiful travel path opened by Howl. On November 3rd 2017 they released their EP Storm featuring four new songs, a small but touching choice of melancholic ballads.

In December 2014 they impressed the audience at Les Docks with a memorable gig where they delivered their characteristic indie-folk harmonies and showed the beautiful connection they create with the public. They promised they’d be back and here they are playing Les Docks once again on Monday 4th of December 2017. Whether you were there in 2014 or not it doesn’t matter, make sure you’ll be there this time to be a part of their dream-like music.

German band Giant Rooks will open the show with their lively indie-pop tunes, so be there early!

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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