On Tuesday 3rd of July 2018, Montreux Jazz Festival hosted indie-rock band The Vaccines and punk icon Iggy Pop at the Stravinski for two amazing gigs!


The Vaccines

The Vaccines live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 3rd of July 2018, © 2018 FFJM – Marc Ducrest

The Vaccines released their new album Combat Sports in March 2018, the first album recorded since drummer Pete Robertson’s departure and the acquisition of two new members, drummer Yoann Intonti and keyboarder Timothy Lanham, who were both touring members before.

A big disco ball is hanging from the ceiling above the stage, casting colourful lights throughout the gig. The Vaccines kick off in a rock style with a new song, “Nightclub”. The five piece is energetic on stage and whenever singer Justing Young is not playing the guitar he is getting on his knees and doing some antics on stage.

A beautiful beginning a capella for “Wetsuit”, taken from their first album What did you expect from The Vaccines? (2011), gives you the chills.

Throughout the show, the public seems sadly a bit absent and not very responsive, and as Justin Young teases it might well be because Switzerland just lost its match against Sweden at the Football World Cup. But the pleasure of The Vaccines’ live-music overcomes the sadness for some hardcore fans up front.

Justin Young’s gaze gets all-hypnotic while he stands at the edge of the stage singing with passion “Post Break-Up Sex”.

The Vaccines live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 3rd of July 2018, © 2018 FFJM – Marc Ducrest

Having four albums out, The Vaccines can now constantly add and change more songs to their setlist. At Montreux Jazz they take the audience through an explosive blend of the songs in the different albums from oldies rough indie-rock tunes like “Wrecking Bar” to fresh and newer tunes like “Handsome”.

The last album Combat Sports takes The Vaccines back to their rock beginnings and that is reflected on stage, with powerful antics while playing and singing.

They end the gig with “I Can’t Quit”, a rebellious rock anthem, taken from their new album. During the waiting for the arrival of Iggy Pop some people where still singing and humming the song!



Iggy Pop

© 2018 FFJM – Anne-Laure Lechat

Punk icon Iggy Pop, historical singer of The Stooges, sets fire to the Stravinski hall. As soon as he gets on stage fans up front start screaming and doing a moshpit, which will last until the very end of the concert at least on the rock ‘n’ roll tunes.

On stage four musicians accompany him on guitars, bass and drums. Iggy Pop gets rid of his leopard jacket almost straight away to remain bear-chested, a habit he can’t get rid of even if given he’s 71 years old, his body is less attractive than before.

If I had to resume this concert in one word “wild” would be the perfect one. Among the wilderness of this gig: two women jumping on stage to hug the singer and soon taken away by security, Iggy Pop lying on the arms of his fans up front in a sort of stage diving, people crowd-surfing and bottles of water flying in the air. All of which is quite unusual for a concert at Montreux Jazz, especially in the fancy venue that Stravinski is!

© 2018 FFJM – Daniel Balmat

With his greatest tunes like “The Passenger” and “Lust For Life”, Iggy Pop takes the audience into a wild adventure, patterned by screams and by his stage antics. His deep voice is still great, as if it were frozen in time. His constant positive attitude towards the audience shows he is a really genuine artist, smiling happily and waving his hand to the public.

Things get a little bit crazier and wilder while he plays “I Wanna Be Your Dog”, with the constant drumming and heavy riffs, combined with Iggy Pop’s screaming. He also plays a beautiful cover of “The Jean Genie” by David Bowie, to which the audience sings along.

At one point, towards the end of the gig, Iggy Pop falls on stage and is carried backstage by the security guys, the crowd is a bit worried but the iguana comes back a few minutes later and starts singing but pulls off one of his front tooth which was dangling after his fall. He then smiles to the audience, clearly showing the hole of his missing front tooth. But he carries on as if it weren’t a big thing, and keeps on having fun and singing.

At the end of the gig he bids goodbye by saying “I lost a tooth” and laughing about it! Let’s take a bow for the Godfather of punk, for his courage and this unforgettable show!

Iggy Pop live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, 3rd of July 2018, © 2018 FFJM – Marc Ducrest

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert


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