Day 5, Saturday July 21

As soon as you step in the Village du monde, you find yourself in another world, where sounds and smells are intertwined to offer you a sensory trip into other lands. This year we didn’t get too far away as the theme is Southern Europe, but it is nonetheless very different than Switzerland and enriching under various points of view. A beautiful wooden reproduction of the Roman coliseum, with its windows showing the landscape behind.

© Paléo / Eddy Mottaz

Paléo is as every year so much more than just concerts, but let’s have a look at the shows.

Adieu Gary Cooper, Club Tent, 4.30pm-5.30pm

© Paléo / Lionel Flusin

Swiss band Adieu Gary Cooper takes the Club Tent by storm. The singer seems to come out of the 70s with his rock n’ roll quiff and a dandy attitude. Their music is patterned by beautiful riffs and by the attractive voice of the singer. The powerful drums beats render their music even more addictive.

The singer mostly sings in French giving to their tunes that touch of originality which fits greatly with the beats and riffs. Adieu Gary Cooper leaves space for some great guitar solos which give you the goosebumps. Awesome music!

Giufà, Dôme, 5.30pm-6.30pm

© Paléo / Laurine Mottet

Under the tent of the Dôme, in the heart of the Village du Monde, Giufà delivers the lively notes of the tarantella siciliana revisited in a rock way with a lot of stinging riffs. The 6-piece band is composed by a singer, two saxophonists, a dummer, guitarist, bassist and a DJ. The Sicilian band sings in Italian, if you understand the language the witty texts are funny and fit perfectly with the happy rhythm of their music. The public absolutely loves the performance, jumping to the music when the singer asks to do so and dancing.

© Paléo / Laurine Mottet

The band is very engaging, the singer incites the audience to clap along to the songs. The atmosphere is very festive and through the music you really find yourself in the warm and welcoming world of Southern Italy.

The singer announces that they are going to play a song of freedom, and straight away I know it’s Partisan song “Bella ciao”, a slow intro with the guitar and then the band increasingly starts pacing up the rhythm as the audience claps and sings along to the song. Needless to say that the atmosphere is wild!

Jamel Debbouze, Grande scène, 9.15pm-10.30pm

© Paléo / Laurine Mottet

As every year, Paléo leaves a slot for humour on the big stage. French comedian Jamel Debbouze makes the audience of Paléo laugh with his witty humour. He makes a birthday girl come up on stage and jokes around with her, calls the mom of a kid in front row on the phone, constantly improvising. A great and fun show!

Kid Francescoli, Club Tent, 10.45pm-11.45pm

© Paléo / Anne Colliard

French electro pop band Kid Francescoli makes the audience clubbing and dancing under the club tent.
The electronic beats are running one after the other while Julia Minkin, with her angel voice, gives a touch of delicacy to the music. The synths grow increasingly in a spiral of emotions and energy.

Paléo 2018 ends here for me, a bit shorter than usual but nonetheless enriching and amazing as ever. In 2019 Paléo will take place from the 23rd to the 28th of July, a week later than usual. Save the date!

Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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