Café XXe is a small and cosy bar in Fribourg which hosts free concerts. On Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 it was NALU‘s turn.


NALU is an indie-folk band from Lausanne and Vevey (Switzerland) which includes singer Noa Z., percussionist and drummer Wills Gey, guitarist Romain, violonist Marine and Mark Kelly on guitar, bass and banjo. They present, among other, songs taken from their first EP Drifting Tides (2018).

Noa Z.’s calm and sweet voice finds the right spot among Wills Gey‘s rhythmic percussions, slowing down its pace. For the song “This Free Place” singer Noa Z. invites the audience to imagine a place they like and just relax. It’s a sweet song on which the notes and sounds can be surfed as the waves.

NALU plays a great cover of Vance Joy’s “Riptide”, keeping it’s folky strings but adding some percussions to it and that sprinkle of sweetness brought by Noa Z.’s voice.

In “Driftwood” the banjo gives a touch of folk music, dictating the rhythm of the song. The atmosphere is great and laid back with some chatting and sing along to the vocals with the audience.

NALU end their gig with a lively folk song, in which the violin recalls celtic folk. Noa Z. asks the audience to clap along. A the end of the gig, public wants more of it so begs the band to play the last song once more! Once the song is over, Mark Kelly, Wills Gey and Romain keep on jamming intensely and fast.

A very talented band definitely worth seeing!


Simona @TakeMe2aConcert

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