About Us

Our Mission

People complain about Geneva night life and music availability.
We decided to do something about it – we are bringing Glamorous Indie Rock’n’Roll back in Town!
We want you to join The Liberation movement and help us wake up the sleepin’ rockin’ soul of Geneva.

When we are not DJing at our Liberation Events we keep sharing our passion by offering the following:

We wanna help you survive safely the working/studying week – The Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit
The monthly jam sound track – Monthly Jam Playlist
We love music and we love to critique – Concert Reviews
And a calendar of all music events in and around Switzerland and Europe (including ours) – Events
You can easily search through these by clicking on Categories (on the right).

But come see us live to see it all come together.

And don’t forget to tell us what you like and you don’t on our  Facebook page and Twitter account. We love some interaction!

Like it, share it, spread the word, keep the movement growing, keep on rocking in a free world.

Yours musically

Indie Nation

for more info: theliberationindienation@gmail.com

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