Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended has changed as well!!  We have started this at the end of 2012 and we will establish it further in 2013.

The objective of Highly Recommended is to share with you our selection of:
  1. the strangest, weirdest and obviously best Top 10 ever invented since Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity”.
  2. the best of the local artists and young bands that caught our attention and finally
  3. share whatever rock related movie, book or artistic exhibition that had an impact on our team.
As usual, the Liberation is an open forum and we highly appreciate your contributions, therefore if you or any of your mates knows any young band that deserves a post on our blog and a listen on our stereos share it with us! See what we did for GANGS form Ireland
If you have any idea of Top 10 you would like to challenge us on (see our Top 5 songs for Driving of 2012) don’t hesitate submitting your ideas to our attention!
If you read any good book or watched any great movie please please please share it with us! It can be an biography or anything that brings the indie rock spirit to life in written or images. We are desperate for more. Share Share Share!

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