Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit

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How does it work? It’s very easy, one song per day from Monday to Friday, every day with a different theme that will repeat week after week after week. We will be scanning through the best of the indie rock music world from its invention tip today across decades and countries in order to help you survive the weekdays and bring you safely to your rocking party week-ends.

Here are the rules of the Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit and the example of what we could have given you this past week!!
  • Fuckin’ Mondays: nobody like Mondays, many of us would like to wake up directly on Tuesday, some other are in such a bad mood on Monday mornings that would like to show the middle finger to anybody crossing their paths, so the principle is clear on Monday we will rock hard! We will give you the best of the best heavy guitar songs we can find in our databases!
  • Nasty Tuesdays: Monday’s memories are still fresh, the week-end is still too far, what better way to survive the second day of the week than discovering some new songs recently released from famous or unknown bands? In a nutshell, on Tuesday we will share the best new songs caught by our capable nets!
  • Acoustic Wednesdays: It’s the middle of the week, it’s time to kick-off the planning for the week-end but it’s as well the moment to relax and rest before week-end mayhem, Our Wednesday’s will be dedicated to the best of the unplugged or acoustic songs and ballads existing so far. It can be a romantic ballad or the unexpected acoustic version of existing songs. The only rule: Acoustic guitars will be queens on Wednesdays at the Liberation!
  • Electric Thursdays: let’s admit it, Thursdays are nowadays the real beginning of the week-end. Be it because of the university parties or the after work drinks. It’s time to get your dancing shoes on and start rocking that dance floor to get to the week-end in the right mood. On thursday we will therefore share our favorite indie-rock electro tunes!
  • Sweet Classic Fridays: Thanks God is Friday!! Week-end is on, productivity is low. In order to kick-it off with the right indie mindset we will be sharing our favorite classic indie rock hits! Week-end is ON! (if you want it…)
All of the above is not written in stones and we are very happy to receive suggestions on how to improve it and bring it to the next level. We hope you’ll like the game and that you’ll wake up in a better mood knowing that we are taking care of the soundtrack of your during weekdays!
We are always looking for new crazy indie rock minds that would like to help us waking up the indie rock soul of this sleeping Switzerland, so, if you are mental about indie rock music like we are, you like to write and you wanna be part of our team of collaborators share with us an example of your 5 songs playlist that follow the above principles and send it to us. We will evaluate it internally and if what we will hear will delight our demanding indie ears you are onboard! Don’t wait! Send us now your Indie Rock Weekly Survival Kit and join the Liberation !!!
Hey Hey, My My, weekdays will never be the same!

If you are looking for Song of the day, it has now officially moved here

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